Patch Notes – version 0.47a


This patch has Primarily been focused on integrating the new Attributes System into Adapt, which additionally powers the new Status Effects, and Weapon Selection systems. A huge effort has also gone into resolving several performance issues, some of which were causing crippling latency spikes for players on some machines.

Because this patch includes a major rework to several backend systems, there will likely be some added bugs, as well as some previously functional aspects of the game which will be temporarily disconnected. Feel free to report any bugs or broken genetics, mechanics, etc… and know that getting these systems working normally again is top priority. Thanks to everyone for playing!


New Roadmap!

Adapt’s roadmap has moved. Come check it out https://trello.com/b/XMQbYPee/adapt-roadmap

New Features

  • Added Weapon Selection feature
  • Added Status Effects system
  • Added group invite mechanic
  • Parts can now be rotated in editor
  • Osmotic Nests enabled for players
  • AI now warns before attacking intruders


  • New UI for resource attributes (Health, Stamina, Stomach)
  • Removed legacy habitability UI
  • Reworked Marker system, animals now temporarily show their markers when called

Behind the Scenes

  • New Animal Attribute system
  • Numerous Optimizations
  • Converted hex-based terrain tiles to grid based
  • Improvements to AI sound recognition
  • Redesigned Settings Panel UI + added audio panel


  • (Fixed) Major latency issue affecting some machines when interacting objects
  • (Fixed) AI attacking allies and group members when hungry