Patch Notes – Hotfix 0.47.1a



This fix covers some basic cleanup as well as a first pass solution for some of the new attribute data loading incorrectly for some players




Behind the Scenes

Attribute Data is now stored in Json format within the game directory’s ‘Content’ folder. This change will hopefully resolve issues caused by deserializing data at runtime for some players, which could result in incorrect attribute values.



  • (Fixed) Venom Not triggering poison Status
  • (Fixed) Physics Objects sometimes becoming suspended above the ground
  • (Fixed) Player animal could become invisible when changing zones
  • (Fixed) Player mate could become pregnant in addition to player
  • (Fixed) Ally relationship status shown instead of mate status
  • (Fixed) Highlight color not updating when player changed mood
  • (Fixed) Food Items rot triggered times too long
  • (Fixed) Fixed incorrect carriable label on some interactable objects