Hello! It’s been a little while since the last game update, but development has been going great and it’s time to release a new update to the pre-alpha demo which is available for free right here on Steam!

You will find the full patch notes at the bottom of this post, but we’ve got some other exciting announcements in the meantime – the biggest of which is we’re attending PAX East next week!

PAX East 2023

That’s right, Adapt is going on the road – you will be able to find me and the Slug Disco team at Booth 12060 on the show floor, where we will be demoing this new build of the game and getting some valuable feedback from watching everyone play it!

As well as the new build, you will be able to pick up some swag as have some new buttons to be giving away.

The Dream of Spore

I’d just like to take a minute to shoutout Curious Archive on YouTube – they published a video back in January that led to a big spike in our wishlist numbers which was very exciting!

Adapt was mentioned in the section title “Biopsphere Simulation: The Dream of Spore” and you can see it at 11:12 in this video below – I’d recommend giving the full thing a watch though as it’s very interesting:

Pre-Alpha Demo Update

As mentioned at the start, ahead of PAX East, I’m releasing a new update to the game demo. This update is primarily focused around some much needed quality of life and stability improvements both in the creature editor and during gameplay. In addition to a complete rework of the editor DNA economy, players now have access to new Beak genetics / parts.


  • New Advanced Interactions Menu to allow for additional player behaviors
  • Changed some keybindings to make room for Advanced Interactions Menu
  • Removed Internal Fill component from Health, Stamina, and Stomach Resource bars.
  • Numerous fixes and Optimizations to world and animal logic
  • Entire animal group marker set now displays when called
  • Improvements to relationship levels & Relationship UI Markers
  • Minor Improvements to camera follow behavior
  • Increased base stat value to 5 (from 2)
  • Reduced Stomach and Health scaling from 50% -> 20%

Parts + Genetics

  • Added new parts
  • Added leveling system to genetics
  • Added variable attributes to parts
  • Reworked Genes and Adaptations / part relationships
  • New Beak Gene with associated head parts
  • New Body adaptations added
  • New Day / Night Vision Attributes


  • Editor UI Redesigned
  • Tutorial window replaced with tooltips
  • Streamlined Editor Shopping Cart (Purchase Pouch)
  • Part Rotator support added for parts when centered


  • Improvements to animal movements and follow AI
  • Improvements to animal defensive behaviors
  • Improvements to animal vocal triggers
  • Added Fear behavior indicator

Share Your Creatures


Thanks to all the people who have shared images of their creatures on the Adapt Discord recently, below are three of my faves from users JustAKhat, Noctis9836 and tpbond!