Patch Notes – version 0.44.93a

With the new leaf material now effectively tested and verified, this patch is primarily focused on further optimizations and performance improvements for players who are experiencing frame loss, or are playing on lower end machines or those with integrated graphics. Highlights of this build include a new draw-distance setting, allowing players more control over their own frame-rates if they are having problems even at low settings. Additionally, the new buoyancy improvements should make a major difference in reducing the frequency of floating and flying fish, krill, and plankton.



  • New Large Bamboo asset
  • Improved buoyancy calculation


  • Day length reduced to 7.5min (from 10min) – 1 year = 30min playtime
  • Base stomach size reduced to 33%
  • Base Metabolic rates increased slightly
  • Metabolism increment from adaptations increased


  • Improvements to biome structure + map colorizing


  • New Draw Distance Video Settings Option
  • Video Settings dropdown
  • Updated target reticle
  • New Egg UI


  • Improvements to Grass system and shader to reduce overhead
  • Reduced animal behavioral complexity at extreme distance
  • Reduced base draw distances


  • (Fixed) Nest template doesn’t orient with ground
  • (Fixed) Can get stuck in editor panel in prologue
  • (Fixed) Carnivores eat their own eggs
  • (Fixed) AI not spawning eggs in nest after breeding
  • (Fixed) Eggs cant be stored in nests correctly
  • (Fixed) Eggs not hatching
  • (Fixed) Krill / plankton hit-boxes
  • (Fixed) Animals unable to die of old age
  • (Fixed) Animals don’t starve