Patch Notes – version 0.44.94a



  • New Re-spawn at Nest option at Prologue game-over
  • Complete Camera system redesign
  • Camera 3rd person zoom
  • Courting allowed during any season, but with increased difficulty out of breeding season
  • Non-edible food icons are now greyed out in detection mode
  • Social Markers are now spawned through animal interactions, and last for 1 day without
  • interaction, or until the animal moves far enough away to de-spawn


  • Marker activation from broadcasts
  • Trot speed reduced to 1.75x from 2.0x base speed
  • Reduced speed increase from mobility attributes
  • Significantly reduced many animations and action times.
  • Increased Intimidate Range significantly
  • Removed Ally requirement to court
  • Reduced Egg gestation time


  • Relocated ‘Delete Part’ button to improve visibility
  • Parts should now snap together more easily and constantly when centered
  • Minor Improvements to Part Spawning
  • Minor Improvements to Part Shop UI
  • Re-structured Editor tutorial
  • Improvements to Editor Tips
  • Improved Ability Display


  • Numerous minor lighting improvements
  • Cloud fluff levels have been increased significantly
  • Reduced sudden plant pop in when turning)


  • Improvement to procedural limb animations
  • Redesigned Blood Splatter VFX
  • New Successful strike SFX
  • Fixed Lay Egg alert SFX
  • Reduced base music volume
  • Added Close Button to Species Library


  • (Fixed) Fish schools, krill, and plankton causing collisions
  • (Fixed) Fish schools, krill and plankton rotating in shallow water
  • (Fixed) Stamina drain after striking
  • (Fixed) Irregular Stamina Drain
  • (Fixed) Twitter link in social tab
  • (Fixed) Pulling New part spawns incorrect part asset
  • (Fixed) Issues with IK foot placement and orientation
  • (Fixed) Striking rapidly no longer overrides previous strike attempts