Q: How is Adapt different from Spore?

While Adapt shares some surface level similarities with Spore, it’s initial inspiration is actually more based around the original hype surrounding Spore than the actual game.

What I mean is, when the game’s editor was first demoed, people (including myself), were extremely excited at the concept of creating your very own species, and then living and surviving as that species in a complex world; competing for resources, finding a group, exploring the world, and finding your niche, etc…

While Adapt has a species editor, in every other respect, it actually has very little in common with Spore, and is exclusively focused on the lifecycle of your species in nature; no tribes, no civ, no space.

There is plenty of complexity in the life of complex animal life, and I wanted to focus all of my attention there.

About the Dev

Big kid at heart, I’m a firm believer in play as a fundamental social outlet, and the importance of remaining playful and creative as an adult. As a game developer, I’m primarily “self-taught.” 

As a developer, I love procedural design, and my projects are highly focused on emergence in gameplay and storytelling.

Having benefited extensively from the suite of available online learning materials, I’ve become a huge advocate for the importance of online educational resources, and their importance for normalizing participation in the growing tech industry. 

If you are hoping to learn programming, game development, or design, want to enhance your toolkit, here are some of the many amazing and easily accessible resources I’ve benefited from in my development career:

Game Design


    Other Resources

    Paid Learning Content

    • Udemy 
    • Coursera

    *While these resources are not completely free, they can be powerful additions to your toolkit, especially if you are learning from scratch, as they provide you with learning materials which never expire, and are often more comprehensive than free materials; as well as learning exercises. They are generally quite affordable, and even more so if you find one on sale.


    • Unity [Game Engine]
    • Blender [3d modelling + Animation]
    • Inkscape [2d and Vector graphics]